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Digital Displays • Bulletins • Posters • Mobile Media

Digital Billboard Displays
Digital displays give you complete control of your advertising! Did you know you can change your ad or message as often as you’d like – weekly, daily, or even hourly? That’s the beauty of digital! Lamar Digital Displays are the future of outdoor advertising. Utilizing the newest technology, Digital Displays are computer controlled electronic billboards. They transmit light through LED technology. The board holds your message for up to 10 seconds before the next message is displayed. Digital Displays are the outdoor’s most flexible type of advertising. Changing your message is as easy as sending an email. Due to their flexible nature, these boards are perfect to advertise breaking news, one‐day sales, and special

Why Digital?
• No production costs. Your ad artwork is digitally transmitted to the boards, saving you time and money.
• Change your message weekly, daily, or hourly!
• Perfect to advertise one-day sales, special events and breaking news.
• Positioned in the most-traveled, highly visible areas of Richmond’s highways.
To see digital display locations, click here.

Standard Bulletins and Poster Billboards
To ensure complete media coverage for you, take advantage of our variety of static Bulletins and Posters for your roadside advertising. We have coverage throughout the state of Virginia and beyond!

Mobile billboards allow you to go where no billboard has gone before. Position your message anywhere – we can go where no billboards are located, so you have the advantage of placing your ad anywhere, anytime! To learn more, click here!

View coverage areas.

Click here to view and download our Outdoor Richmond Media Kit which includes coverage areas and pricing information.

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