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Mobile Billboards

Precision Message Placement with Mobile Media!

Imagine having your own billboard at any major shopping center, at major intersections and travel routes, in front of concert venues and sporting events, or even serving as a booth at a trade show – targeting your location and your competition. No other media can offer this precise marketing placement!

Mobile billboards now allow you to target the most-traveled areas anywhere in the Eastern U.S. Take your message from Maine to Florida to the Mississippi, and put it right where you want it!

It would take several roadside billboards around town to equal the impact of one mobile billboard ad. We take your message to all the best locations along a carefully selected high-traffic route.

Why Mobile?
• Our mobile billboards allow rotation of up to three different advertisements – the changing ads are the perfect eye catcher!
• Position your message anywhere – on the road, at major intersections, at peak traffic hours – at sporting events, trade shows, concerts, events indoors or out – or even park it near your competition! Announce a big sale, grand opening, new location, or just get your product’s picture and name out there – anywhere from Maine to Florida to the Mississippi…anytime of the day or night!
• We can go where no billboards are located, so you have the advantage of placing your ad anywhere, anytime!

Mobile Billboard Advertising Uses:
• Special Events
• Brand Building
• Retail Sales
• Grand Openings
• Store Closings
• Trade Shows
• Political Races
• Parades
• …and More!

SUNDAY, JUNE 07, 2020